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If you want to explore the world of membrane biology, we want to hear from you.

If you have ideas, we want to hear from you.

If you are merely curious, we want to hear from you

We currently have the following positions available:

Post-doctoral positions: 

We are currently looking for multiple postdoctoral researchers who are excited to work at the intersection of membrane biology and cell signaling using a range of orthogonal quantitative and chemical biology tools, which involves mass spectrometry, single-molecule fluorescence microscopy, electron microscopy, along with a range of in vitro and cell-based assays.

The lab currently has multiple independent positions that have an overarching goal of obtaining a quantitative view of membrane dynamics with spatial and molecular resolution, with an emphasis on specific oncogenic pathways and neurodegenerative diseases. For a more comprehensive account of the work head to the Publications and RESEARCH section

We welcome all candidates with expertise in any branch of Biomedical, Chemical, and Engineering Sciences. We are broadly looking for candidates belonging to any of the two categories:

  •  Category A: Applicants with expertise in biochemistry, molecular biology, or structural biology with experience in the expression and purification of membrane proteins from various cellular systems. For candidates in this category, prior mass spec expertise is NOT required. The project will provide a fantastic opportunity to learn state-of-the-art mass spectrometry and other orthogonal techniques and interface that with your skill set to address some of the key questions pertaining to membrane biology.


  • Category B: Applicants with prior experience in mass spectrometry, with a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of mass spec are particularly welcome. For candidates in this category, prior expertise in protein biochemistry is NOT required. Count on us to train you! The project will provide a fantastic opportunity to apply your MS skills to address some of the outstanding questions in membrane-associated cellular signaling.

If you belong to any of teh two categories (or both), please reach out Kallol ( with your CV and prospective research interest

Graduate students:

Even within the short timespan that we started the lab, we have built a scientifically diverse group of exceptionally talented Graduate Students. We aim to provide a diverse learning environment for Graduate students where they can learn from other members who collectively hold extremely diverse scientific skill sets, starting from membrane biochemistry, to mass spectrometry to single molecular fluorescence imaging to organic synthesis. We hope that this diverse pool of scientific expertise and environments provides them the opportunity to find the scientific question that excites them the most. We also extensively train our Graduate Students in Grant writing. Each of our Graduate students has been successful in obtaining independent grants from agencies such as NIH (F31-fellowship) or NSF (GRFP-fellowship). If you are enrolled at Yale University and want to rotate in the lab, drop a mail, or come by the lab to talk about possible projects. 

Postgraduate associates:

Postgraduate research training positions (postback) are always available for students who wish to gain research experience before onto Graduate school or medical schools. We aim to provide them research training that is in line with their future goals and put them in projects where we expect them to get publication/s that can boost their Graduate/medical school entry chances. Our prior postback have published papers in Journals such as Science, Cell Chemical Biology, and moved onto first tier Graduate and Medical Schools in teh country. Please email Kallol with your CV and a brief statement of purpose stating your interest in our lab. If you are curious, we will at least schedule a visit.


Undergraduate research positions are also available. Email Kallol and we will set a time for you to visit the lab and get to know more about the place. If you find it interesting, we will pick it up from there. 

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