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The Gupta lab develops and employs quantitative multi-disciplinary approaches to understand fundamental and disease-related questions pertaining to membrane biology.  From neuronal signaling to immune response, macromolecular organization of membrane proteins and lipids at the cell membrane governs a wide range of cellular signaling pathways. Consequently, their impairments are causal towards a host of pathological conditions and membrane proteins are targets of more than 60% of marketed drugs. We, at the Gupta Lab, take a multidisciplinary approach to develop novel quantitative tools to capture these organization states and apply them to specific problems pertaining to human health and disease. To achieve this, we employ a range of orthogonal tools that involve native mass spectrometry, lipidomics, proteomics, single-molecule imaging, electron microscopy, and synthetic chemistry and combine various cell-based and in vitro biochemical assays.

We achieve these outstanding goals with a passionate and diverse group of researchers where lab members bring in extremely diverse and complementary scientific expertise. This ranges from biochemists to biophysicists to mass spectrometrists to synthetic chemists, and even anthropologists. We all work in a collaborative manner to reach our overarching common scientific goal while valuing our diverse opinions and learning from each other. Head to the “OUR TEAM” section to know more about us and the “RESEARCH” and “PUBLICATIONS” sections to know more about our work.

Yale University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer. We, at the Gupta Lab, deeply value diversity among our members and strongly welcome applications from all underrepresented minorities.

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